First month of MAGCOW!

First month of MAGCOW!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Franco Vazza


  1. This and that
    19 Feb, 2018
    This and that
    The several lines of research in MAGCOW are progressing and showing some first interesting results: at the "Bologna Headquarters" D. Wittor & Vazza are tyring (among N-thousands other things) to get a very refined resimulation of a peripheral  cluster shocks, to be further followed with tracers. No easy as it seems, but the candidate is here (resolution 3.9kpc/cell at ~3Mpc from the cluster centre). N. Locatelli is getting first exciting maps of his field, pointed with the JVLA to hunt for
  2. MAGCOW's Logo
    25 Jan, 2018
    MAGCOW's Logo
    And we have a logo! Thanks to Francesca Bonafede, MAGCOW is now the proud owner of a stylish Logo! The difficult part was to find a good balance between sarcasm and science, and I think the new Logo does it wonderfully. Here it is: Moreover, beginning from January, Denis Wittor started his activity as a MAGCOW PostDoc in Bologna, after successfully defending his PhD Thesis in Hamburg, congrats! In January, Franco attended the Athena meeting "Preparing the science of galaxy clusters & WHIM with
  3. End of the Year
    29 Dec, 2017
    End of the Year
    Due to a few trips and holidays, December was less active that the previous months. A few highlights: Denis Wittor, incoming Post-Doc of MACGOW, got his PhD from the University of Hamburg after successfully defending his Thesis " Origin and Effects of the Non-Thermal Components in Large-Scale Structures of the Universe" - congratulations! S. Hackstein's paper on "Simulations of ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays in the local Universe and the origin of Cosmic Magnetic Fields" has just been officially
  4. November's Log
    30 Nov, 2017
    November's Log
    -In November, MAGCOW finally had the first 2 PhD students starting their activities: Paola Dominguez Fernandez (previously at the University of Bonn working on Dark Matter with C. Porciani) and Nicola Locatelli (previously at the University of Miland working on Fast Radio Bursts with G. Ghisellini). Paola will conduct numerical studies of the evolution of magnetic fields in the simulated intracluster medium while Nicola will conduct radio observations of the Faraday Rotation signal from the
  5. LOFAR proposal accepted!
    28 Oct, 2017
    LOFAR proposal accepted!
    The proposed observations of at least 2 out 3 plausible intracluster filaments using the High Band Antenna of LOFAR has been accepted, so more intriguing data for the project will soon arrive. The hope is that, also in combination with RM data of the same fields, strong constraints on the typical magnetisation properties of magnetic fields in the warm hot intergalactic medium can be placed for the first time. Notice the candidates have been chosen so that their (physical and projected)
  6. October log
    27 Oct, 2017
    October log
    The loneliness of MAGCOW's PI is almost over and 2 PhD will start in November, finally! Some of the activities: coauthored paper on the analysis of the "Sausage" cluster by F. Loi et al. using the Sardinia Radio Telescope here, which also lead to an INAF press release.  Another coauthored paper using SRT is underway. two new repository of data from MAGCOW have been starte: one on the large-scale simulations of the cosmic web, and another on our high-resolution simulation of galaxy clusters (both