High resolution magnetic fields in the ICM

Aiming at the highest resolution ever in simulating magnetic fields in the intracluster medium. Studying the role of small-scale dynamo amplification in the ICM and of the contribution from additional seeding of magnetic fields from galaxies. 


We used the cosmological grid code ENZO (v.2.4)   with tailored mesh refinement to increase the resolution 2^8 times within the cluster volume.
  • Each simulation start from a volume of 2503 Mpc3 simulated with 256cells.
  • The innermost 253 Mpcis further refined 2^8 times, down to a fixed resolution of 3.95kpc.
  • we used both non-radiative runs from a primordial seed field or radiative runs including feedback from AGN and seeding from galaxies. 


We ran on the Jureca cluster in Julich.
To produce our sample, we used approximately ~50 000 core hours  per cluster, using 512 computing nodes. 
Each run produced ~300 root grid timesteps.
The final output data are reconstructed up to the 8th AMR level. 
The initial conditions for our objects are derived from our 2010 work  (also keeping the IDs).


  • The catalog presently consists of 5 clusters with a mass range centred at ~10​​​​​15  Msol.
  • For each object we considered runs at various resolutions as well as different prescriptions for gas physics and the seeding of magnetic fields.  
  • Most of our data are shared via B2share (see links below)

Results and data products

We give here a quick access to our results, in the form of scientific visualisation (cool ones!), papers and talks 




Public Data

1D "Beams" crossing clusters from end to end​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​3D Datasets of the innermost regions of our clusters

 ID        M100           R100     Dyn. Status     Available Datsets (different epochs/resolutions)​​
E18B       1.3e15 Msol    2.8 Mpc       perturb.             AMR8(z=0)   AMR6(z=0)    AMR5(z=0)      AMR4(z=0) ​
E14         1.0e15 Msol    2.6 Mpc       relaxed          
​E2           1.1e15 Msol    2.7 Mpc       merging      
E5A/B     0.9e15 Msol    2.4 Mpc       double              AMR6 ( z=0.02 0.05 0.2 0.4 )
E1           1.12e15 Msol   2.7 Mpc      perturb. 
​E3A        1.38e15 Msol   2.82Mpc     perturb.             AMR7 (z=0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4)

P. Dominguez-Fernandez (University of Hamburg, Gemany)
F. Vazza (University of Bologna)
M. Brüggen (University of Hamburg, Germany)
G. Brunetti (IRA-INAF, Italy)
A. Bonafede (IRA-INAF, Italy)
C. Gheller (CSCS-ETHZ, Switzerland)
D. Wittor (University of Hamburg, Germany)