Itasca Simulated Clusters project

A collaborative project to study the evolution of shocks and turbulence in the gas of cluster of galaxies, using highly resolved simulations with ENZO.


We used the cosmological grid code ​ ENZO (v.2.1)   with tailored mesh refinement to increase the resolution everywhere within the cluster volume.
  • Each simulation start from a volume of 643 Mpc3 simulated with 400cells.
  • The innermost 6.43 Mpcis further refined 2times, down to a fixed resolution of 20kpc.
  • for the moment, we only used non-radiative runs


We ran on the ITASCA cluster hosted by the University of Minnesota.
To produce our sample, we used approximately ~260 000 core hours (~13 000 hours per cluster).


  • The catalog presently consists of 20 clusters with a mass range centred at ~1014  Msol.
  • For most objects, we saved ~200 timesteps at full resolution, to access their dynamical evolution in detail.

ID            M200                R200          Dyn. Status    Available Data ​​​IT90_0     0.77e14 Msol    0.88 Mpc       relaxed             z=0
​​​IT90_1     2.45e14 Msol    1.29 Mpc       perturbed         z=0
​​​IT90_2     1.10e14 Msol    0.99 Mpc       relxed               z=0
​​​IT90_3     0.72e14 Msol    0.86 Mpc       perturbed          z=0
​​​IT90_4     0.54e14 Msol    0.78 Mpc       relaxed             z=0
​​​IT92_0     3.32e14 Msol    1.42 Mpc       perturbed ​​​         z=0 
IT92_1     1.00e14 Msol    0.96 Mpc       relaxed               z=0
IT92_2     1.17e14 Msol    1.01 Mpc        relaxed               z=0


We share some of the interesting data of our ISC sample via the EU-supported B2share repository. 
F. Vazza (University of Hamburg, Germany)
T. Jones (University of Minnesota, US)
D. Porter (University of Minnesota, US)
D. Wittor (University of Hamburg, US)
​M. Angelinelli (University of Bologna, Italy)
M. Brüggen (University of Hamburg, US)
G. Brunetti (IRA-INAF, Italy)
D. Ryu (UNIST, Korea)
C. Gheller (CSCS-ETHZ, Switzerland)
R. Cassano (IRA-INAF,Italy)