10 October

chair: H. Akamatsu 
9:30 F. VAZZA welcome and intro 
10:00 S. ETTORI: “X-ray Galaxy Clusters: open problems on the mass distribution”
10:30 P. MAZZOTTA “Cosmic SZ background and the quest for faint features in Planck observations”
11:00 break
11:30 S. PLANELLES “Multi-wavelength mock observations of simulated galaxy clusters” 
12:00 R. VAN WEEREN “A search for the radio cosmic web: cross-correlating LOFAR images with  LSS tracers”
chair: S. Planelles
14:00 K. DOLAG “Something from Simulations” [sic]
14:30 K. RAJPUROHIT “Large scale structure at cluste outskirts: polarization aspects”
15:00 A. DE GRAAF “A search for warm-hot baryons in the cosmic web through the SZ effect”
15:30 break
16:00 V. GHIRARDINI “The joint effort of Planck and XMM in the X-COP cluster sample” 
16:30 F. DE GASPERIN “Observing pre-mergers at ultra-low radio frequencies" 
17:00 H. AKAMATSU “X-ray properties of large-scale filaments between clusters pairs” 
17:30 OPEN DISCUSSION Promoters: M. Bruggen+ S. Planelles 

11 October

chair: F. Degasperin
10:00 N. AGHANIM “Recent analysis of SZ signal in the largest cosmic structures to search for the hidden baryons”
11:00 break
11:30 A. BONAFEDE “The interacting system MACSJ0717+3745: magnetic field and cosmic ray electrons”
chair: A. Simionescu
14:00 A. BOTTEON “Particle acceleration in pre-merging galaxy clusters: the LOFAR view”
14:30 H. BOURDIN “Detecting SZ substructures in the cluster peripheries”
15:00 P. DOMINGUEZ-FERNANDEZ “Time evolution of the magnetic spectrum in the ICM” 
15:30 break
16:00 C. STUARDI “Magnetic field amplification in merging galaxy clusters: the case of RXCJ1314” 
16:30 N. LOCATELLI “Tracing the cosmic web around A2744”
17:00 V. BIFFI “The ICM metal enrichment in cluster outskirts and its origin 
17:30 OPEN DISCUSSION Promoters: A.Simionescu+F.Degasperin

12 October

chair: D. Wittor
9:30 M. HOEFT ‘Filamentary radio emission in cluster outskirts’.”
10:00 G. BRUNETTI “Particle acceleration in galaxy clusters and beyond”
10:30 J. DONNERT “Early cluster interaction in the Cygnus system - shock of no shock” 
11:00 break
11:30 S. DE GRANDI “Study of Galaxy Clusters growth with the XCOP sample”
12:00 G. BERNARDI “The pursuit of large scale structure radio features: A399-A401, A781 and the 
Shapley concentration”
14:00 FINAL DISCUSSION Promoters: D. Eckert+ H. Akamatsu